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Goodbye JiggleBug...

The JiggleBug Expess

The JiggleBug Express has retired.  May the joy brought to children never be forgotten.

Steve and Linda Sands wish to say a warm “Thank you” to the thousands of children and parents of Central Texas and especially to the Home of the JiggleBug Express- The City of San Marcos. 

For over 12 years, this train has been to hundreds of parties and festivals and church or school events giving rides to thousands of laughing, squealing, giggling children and parents. But now, it is time to rest a bit and reflect and maybe write a book or two.

We have both retired and want to have our weekends for traveling or other projects or just to do nothing!  Imagine that.

If you wish, there are other trackless trains still in business to be at your party or event. 

A partial alphabetical list is below;

Anisa’s Express

Anita & Selso Silva


The Doodle Train

Lloyd Adams     

San Antonio

Frys     Fun Farm             

James & Carol Fry


Trini Train

Jake & Gail Trinidad       

San Marcos

Wiggle Waggle Train

Patsy & Victor Pulido


Our email and website will still be working if anyone wishes to contact us.

Farewell and the best to you all,

Steve and Linda Sands

Monday, July 19, 2010

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